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We take you to the 28 EU member states for a series of exclusive reports and interviews with local MEPs. Produced in partnership with the European Parliament. Saturday at 12.10 pm.

Latest update : 2017-07-24

A year of crucial elections in Europe

We take a look back at elections in some of the EU's biggest countries. Back in March, the Netherlands got the ball rolling with its parliamentary polls. The party of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte managed to retain its position as the largest in parliament even if it did lose seats, while the party of far right anti-immigration, anti-EU candidate Geert Wilders made gains. Nonetheless, it was seen as a win for the EU as the populists did not take over.

Immigration was a major issue in the Dutch elections. Our reporter Luke Brown went to meet with the mayor of Rotterdam, an immigrant himself in a city where around half of the population has foreign origins.

Here in France, pro-EU candidate Emmanuel Macron won the presidential elections and his movement took the majority of parliamentary seats - a win seen as hope for the EU as a bloc, with Macron's promise to reform and restart the Franco-German alliance.

We also speak about the CETA free trade deal with Paul Magnette, Minister President of the Wallonia region of Belgium and one of the deal's strongest opponents.

Click here to watch part one.

A programme presented By Eve Irvine

Reports by Luke Brown, Anais Guérard and Johan Bodin 




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