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France raises a glass to tourism

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France's newest political party accused of 'old' methods

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Hear me roar: The growing economic power of older women

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The future of surgery

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The tiny parasite threatening your salmon sushi

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Director Joachim Trier: True horror is a 'lack of self-acceptance'

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Latest update : 2017-08-23

Oil theft: A multi-billion dollar business fuels Mexican cartels

Mexico´s notorious drug cartels have thrived off drug trafficking, the arms trade and kidnapping as lucrative sources of revenue for years. But now, more and more cartels are setting their sights on stealing government-owned fuel. In the state of Puebla, cartels have gone as far as bribing farmers into uncovering pipelines in order to siphon off refined oil and sell it for big profit.

The spike in prices at the beginning of this year has made stealing fuel more lucrative than ever in the eyes of criminal groups. Mexican authorities registered 200 cases of oil theft in 2012. In the last three months alone, that figure has jumped to more than 2,600. The losses for Mexico´s state oil giant, Pemex, have been enormous, costing the company almost 2.4 billion US dollars since 2010. Our team sent this report from Puebla, where authorities are desperately trying to get a grip on the problem. Report by Laurence Cuvillier, Matthieu Comin and Edmundo Velazquez

A programme prepared by Patrick Lovett and Elom Marcel Toble.

By Matthieu COMIN , Laurence CUVILLIER

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Latin American Director, Greenmantle Consultancy


2017-11-17 Emmanuel Macron

France's newest political party accused of 'old' methods

Six months after becoming France's youngest ever president, Emmanuel Macron is facing signs of rebellion and frustration from within his own party. Some 100 members, including...

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2017-11-16 Africa

Why Anglophone separatists want independence in Cameroon

Over the past year, dozens of people have died in Cameroon fighting for the independence of an English-speaking area of the country, known as Ambazonia. Now their supporters are...

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2017-11-15 Middle East

Middle East: Gaza's armed groups, a sticking point in Fatah-Hamas reconciliation

The process of reconciliation between the two rival Palestinian parties, Fatah and Hamas, is reaching a critical stage. Hamas is soon to hand over control of Gaza to the...

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2017-11-14 Europe

Video: Is Italy seeing a resurgence of fascism?

Authorities in Italy are concerned about a growing number of extreme right-wing groups who admire WWII-era leader Benito Mussolini and are nostalgic about his fascist regime. At...

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2017-11-13 terrorism

Video: Those affected by the Paris attacks, two years on

Two years after 130 people were killed in terror attacks across Paris, FRANCE 24 speaks to some of the people deeply affected by the violence: a witness who gave first aid to...

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