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Dotard: an educational insult

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#TECH 24

Medtech: Repairing the human body

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Jennifer Lawrence on why she's unafraid to speak out

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#THE 51%

Hola "Ellas Hoy" - The 51 Percent welcomes its sister show on FRANCE 24 Spanish

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A stroll through the Corsican city of Calvi, jewel of the Mediterranean

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The torment of Christians living in Syria’s Khabur valley

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'Generation Merkel' yearns for continuity and stability

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Amazon rainforest pays heavy price for Brazil's political crisis

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Presidential election re-run pushed back to October 26th

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Latest update : 2017-08-22

French government, employers and unions begin final discussions on labour reforms

The French government is starting a last round of talks with business lobbies and labour unions ahead of an August 31 deadline to publish legislation on labour reforms. The aim is to overhaul the country's rigid work code to make hiring and firing easier. Also, a Russian court is to rule on the lawsuit against Aeroflot, filed by a veteran flight attendant who believes she was sidelined because of her appearance.



2017-09-22 Apple

Apple's iPhone 8 debuts to muted reaction and lower sales

Apple's new iPhone 8 goes on sale but is not exactly shredding sales records. The US and Canada are talking tough ahead of round three of NAFTA negotiations and Real Madrid star...

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2017-09-21 Federal Reserve

US Federal Reserve ends historic QE program

The US Central Bank lays out plans to unload its balance sheet, while keeping interest rates on hold. We also tell you how the CETA Free trade agreement between the EU and Canada...

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2017-09-20 Saudi Arabia

British PM expected to make offer to Brussels in upcoming speech

Reports are emerging of what is likely to be on the cards when Theresa May makes a major Brexit speech on Friday. We also tell you how residents in Berlin will be voting on the...

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2017-09-19 bankruptcy

End of an era: Toys 'R' Us files for bankruptcy

Toys 'R' Us files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for its operations in the United States and Canada, this as the toy store faces stiff competition from online retailers. We...

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2017-09-18 India

India set to roll out 100,000 electric rickshaws and buses

We tell you how India is rolling out 100,000 electric rickshaws and buses in the coming weeks. Also, a recently published study shows how defeat devices in diesel vehicles could...

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