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War in Syria: UN refugee agency denounces rape of men and boys

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All the news from Africa and the Maghreb, with France 24’s correspondents and our guests on set. From Monday to Friday at 9.45 pm and 10.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2017-11-16

Mugabe confined but 'safe' as army seizes power in Zimbabwe

In tonight's edition: the army seizes power in Zimbabwe, with President Mugabe confined but "safe"; the UN extends the mandate of a peacekeeping mission to the Central African Republic; and the World Food Programme and the EU are providing emergency aid to Congo Brazzaville's hard-hit Pool region.

Robert Mugabe once vowed to rule Zimbabwe for life. But now, at 93, the president is in military custody as the army takes control of the capital in what it calls a "bloodless correction" targeting "criminals" in the leader's entourage.

Also, the UN extends the mandate of a peacekeeping mission to the Central African Republic. Some 900 more troops will shore up security as sectarian violence increases the risk of ethnic cleansing.

And relief for Congo Brazzaville's humanitarian crisis. The World Food Programme and the European Union are to provide emergency aid to people affected by violence in the country's hard-hit Pool region.

By Mary COLOMBEL , Mariam SAAB


2018-01-17 Ethiopia

Ethiopian opposition leader Merera Gudina released from jail

In tonight's edition: Ethiopian opposition leader Merera Gudina is released from jail; in DR Congo, the Protestant Church adds its voice to concerns about the country's...

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2018-01-16 Nigeria

Nigerian army releases 244 Boko Haram suspects

In tonight's edition: the Nigerian army releases 244 Boko Haram suspects; a new law forces unwed couples living together in Burundi to marry; and our correspondents show us how...

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2018-01-15 Central African Republic

Case dismissed against French troops accused of child rape in Central African Republic

A case is dismissed against French troops accused of raping children in Central African Republic; two years on, Ouagadougou residents remember the attack on the Cappuccino...

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2018-01-12 Donald Trump

Africa reacts to Trump's 'racist slur'

Africans express outrage after President Trump reportedly used crude language to describe African countries, as well as Haiti and El Salvador. Also, DR Congo security forces...

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2018-01-11 Tunisia

Musician Saeid Shanbehzadeh pays tribute to his African roots

Protests continue in Tunisia as the number of arrests reaches more than 600. Also, thousands of mourners take to the streets in central Nigeria to attend the mass burial of...

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