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Burger King pulls ad offering burgers for women impregnated by World Cup stars

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Outcry over migrant family separations in US

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Clocking out: South Korea prepares for shorter working week

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Eritrea to send delegation to Ethiopia for peace talks

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Latest update : 2017-11-16

The Mapuche of Chile: Fighting for their territorial rights

Chile is holding presidential and legislative elections on Sunday November 19. Based in the south of the country, the indigenous Mapuche - literally "people of the land" - have been fighting with the Chilean state to reclaim their lands for the past two centuries. Today, there are between 600,000 and one million members of these descendents of pre-Columbian civilizations. With election day looming, their fate is high on the political agenda. Our correspondents report.

Also, the investigation into the Trump campaign's alleged collusion with Russia turned up a notch this week, targeting US Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He's now blaming his memory for failing to mention, during a previous hearing, that he did witness Trump aides discussing Russia. This comes as the Russia allegations also pinpointed President Trump's son. This week, Donald Junior released a series of private messages he exchanged with WikiLeaks during and after the 2016 race.

And our number of the week is 18. There are 18 percent more homeless people in California, Oregon and Washington than there were just two years ago. American voters in those western states have approved more than eight billion dollars in spending to try to tackle homelessness. But the numbers of people without shelter or living in makeshift dwellings such as their cars continue to rise - we find out why.

By Jeanne LAVENANT , Stéphanie CHEVAL , Laure WAGNER , Anne POUZARGUES , Genie GODULA



2018-06-21 Jeanne LAVENANT

Outcry over migrant family separations in US

This week, anger mounted over the Trump administration's zero-tolerance stance on migration. A new policy has seen migrant parents and their children separated at the US-Mexico...

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2018-06-14 Jeanne LAVENANT

World Cup 2018: Panini sticker enthusiasts get their game on in Brazil

In Brazil, adults and children alike are getting stuck into the ultimate retro collectibles. Panini sticker fever is taking over the country as the 2018 World Cup kicks off in...

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2018-06-07 Jeanne LAVENANT

Nicaragua's indigenous tribes fight for their land

In Nicaragua, at least 121 people have been killed since anti-government protests broke out seven weeks ago, according to the country's main human rights group. The protesters...

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2018-06-01 Jeanne LAVENANT

US: Starbucks closes 8,000 stores for racial bias training

In the US, Starbucks is shutting down 8,000 of its stores for one afternoon this week to get their employees to talk about race. This anti-bias training session comes after two...

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2018-05-25 Jeanne LAVENANT

Venezuela hit by sky-high inflation despite large oil reserves

This week saw Nicolas Maduro re-elected as Venezuela's president. Maduro won a second term in spite of the economic crisis crippling the country. It's left Venezuela with the...

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