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2018-07-13 21:47 EYE ON AFRICA

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Trump rocks the boat in UK

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World Cup Grand finale; Donald Trump blindsides Theresa May; Erdogan's family business

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Ooh la la: Love and dating in France

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Tom Cruise and 'Mission Impossible: Fallout' bring espionage franchise to Paris

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How sports therapy is helping wounded Syrians

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Portugal: Eucalyptus trees under fire

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Central African Republic: The way of the warlord

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#TECH 24

Is the future of film interactive?

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Politicians, activists and researchers debate the issues facing the EU and a 'guest of the week' offers their insight in a long-format interview that gets to the heart of the matter. Saturday at 12.10 pm.

Latest update : 2017-11-20

Ukraine's deputy PM on Kiev's EU ambitions, corruption and Russian influence

Four years ago almost to the day, Ukrainians seeking closer ties with the European Union began gathering in Kiev. By February 2014, the so-called "EuroMaidan" protests would topple the pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovich. Our guest is the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze. Four years on from the EuroMaidan protests, how strong is pro-European sentiment in Ukraine?

Meanwhile, as a top official from a Ukrainian anti-corruption body this week turned whistleblower to denounce high-level corruption, will there be high-level indictments to match?

And with Russian former "troll farm" workers speaking out against Russian misinformation campaigns that often target Ukraine, how does Kiev plan to respond?

Our European Affairs Editor Catherine Nicholson asks all these questions and more.

Produced by Isabelle Romero, Anais Guerard and Roxane Runel.

By Catherine NICHOLSON


2018-07-09 Catherine NICHOLSON

German MEP David McAllister: 'We need more solidarity in the EU over migrants'

Our guest is senior German MEP David McAllister, a dual British-German national and former leader of the Saxony region considered a potential successor to Angela Merkel. He...

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2018-07-09 Catherine NICHOLSON

Fake news fightback: Should and could disinformation be banned ?

You can call it misinformation, spin, or more recently, fake news. The phenomenon that’s become an obsession in the era of social media is – for French President Emmanuel Macron...

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2018-07-02 Catherine NICHOLSON

Greek FM on migration: 'We need European solutions, not bilateral ones'

This week we're on the sidelines of the latest EU summit, where major themes include the migration crisis and the eurozone economy. Our guest is Geórgios Katroúgalos, the foreign...

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2018-07-02 Catherine NICHOLSON

Can Europe be a world leader in animal rights?

The EU prides itself on its reputation as a beacon of human rights. But in today's programme we're talking about animal rights. It's an issue that's never gone away, but which is...

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2018-06-25 Catherine NICHOLSON

'Two thirds of victims of human trafficking in Europe are EU nationals'

While Europe's migration crisis continues to preoccupy the public and political leaders, there’s another kind of migration - a kind of forced migration - that's getting a lot...

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