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Trump invites Putin to Washington, France celebrates the World Cup, Macron's first scandal, Nicaragua's crackdown

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Nicaraguans 'betrayed' by Ortega, says Bianca Jagger

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Latest update : 2018-01-11

Backlash after French female celebrities criticise #MeToo

IN THE WORLD PAPERS - Wednesday, January 10: The international backlash continues after French female celebrities condemn the #MeToo movement as puritanism. Also, Benjamin Netanyahu's son is embroiled in a scandal some are calling "Strippergate". And sales soar of a Canadian author's book about the Second World War, "Fire and Fury", after people mistakenly purchase it instead of Michael Wolff's tell-all blockbuster about Donald Trump!

Le Monde's piece has got everyone talking today. In an open letter, a group of prominent French women - including actress Catherine Deneuve - condemn the #MeToo movement as "puritanism" that has essentially blurred the lines between sexual harassment and flirty behaviour. In their opinion, "a woman can, in the same day, manage a team of people and enjoy being the sexual object of a man, with being qualified as a 'whore' nor as a vile accomplice of the patriarchy". They go on to say "a woman can fight for an equal salary, but not feel traumatised by someone who brushes up against her in the metro, even if that is a crime".

Also, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is embroiled in a new scandal - this time involving his eldest son Yair, an audio tape recording, a debaucherous night on the town and his friend's super-rich father, with whom Benjamin Netanyahu did business deals. Haaretz has a great explainer here.

And people looking to pick up a copy of Michael Wolff's salacious Donald Trump tell-all have been buying the wrong book! Vice reports that Canadian author Randall Hansen has seen sales soar of "Fire and Fury" - his one, though, is about the Allied bombing of Germany during the Second World War!

By Dheepthika LAURENT


2018-07-20 Clément BONNEROT

Israel's Jewish nation-state law 'strikes blow to minorities'

IN THE PAPERS – Friday, July 20: Israeli papers are divided over a new law defining the country as the nation-state of the Jewish people. "The Israel you know has ended", says...

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2018-07-19 Clément BONNEROT

'Ortega, enough!'

IN THE PAPERS - Thursday, July 19: There's growing anger in the Nicaraguan press over ongoing violence in the country. "The repression must end", says El Nuevo Diario, accusing...

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2018-07-17 Dheepthika LAURENT

Street party, not a wake: Croatian football fans welcome home team

IN THE PAPERS - Tuesday, July 17: We look at celebrations from both France and Croatia as their respective footballers come home to a hero's welcome. And outrage and scorn after...

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2018-07-16 Dheepthika LAURENT

Les Bleus 2018: The new 'tsars' of world football

IN THE PAPERS - Monday, July 16: Many French football fans are still partying hard after Les Bleus became World Champions yesterday, beating Croatia 4-2. We take you through the...

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2018-07-13 Solange MOUGIN

Donald Trump's 'verbal grenade' to Theresa May

IN THE PAPERS - Friday, July 13: We take a look at the explosive interview that Donald Trump gave to British tabloid The Sun. We also see how the “special relationship” between...

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