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Madagascar political crisis: top court orders formation of unity government

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Ireland's abortion referendum

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Weinstein in court; Ireland abortion vote; Italy's populist takeover

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Sugar and spice: The flavours of the French Caribbean

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The French are so rude! Or are they?

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Video: After key battle, Syrian town of Kobane looks to the future

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The writing's on the wall: Revolutionary posters from May 68

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'We heard there might be a civil war': May 68 seen from abroad

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#THE 51%

U.S. mid-terms: Record number of women running and winning primaries

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Latest update : 2018-01-18

Trump's presidency, one year in: 365 days of outrageous tweets and blunders

Since he came to office one year ago, US President Donald Trump has posted an average of seven messages on Twitter per day. It's a year that's been filled with not just tweets, but also outrageous live comments unlike any heard from a US president before. We take a look back at Trump's major tweets and blunders.

Also this week, reports broke that former Trump strategist Steve Bannon had been subpoenaed to testify before a federal grand jury. That's the latest in the ongoing investigation into whether or not there was collusion between Trump's presidential campaign and Russia. And while the official investigation continues, regular Americans are also making their own case in hopes of ousting the 45th President of the United States.

Meanwhile, for his sixth trip to Latin America, Pope Francis is visiting Chile and Peru. It's a controversial trip, where members of the clergy are engulfed in a child sex scandal dating back decades. The Catholic Church's approval rating in Chile is just 36 percent, the lowest of any South American country.

Finally, we'll take you to a regular house on a regular street in California that turned out to be a place of horror. Authorities say parents David and Louise Turpin tortured and held captive their thirteen children, aged from two to 29 years old.

By Genie GODULA , Camille FEVRIER , Stéphanie CHEVAL , Anne POUZARGUES


2018-05-23 Venezuela

Venezuela hit by sky-high inflation despite large oil reserves

This week saw Nicolas Maduro re-elected as Venezuela's president. Maduro won a second term in spite of the economic crisis crippling the country. It's left Venezuela with the...

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2018-05-16 Iran

Iran deal pullout: Critics in US voice concern at Trump's move

Iran is scrambling to lock in guarantees from the EU after the US pulled out of the nuclear deal. People around the world have criticized the move - including a former hostage in...

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2018-05-09 USA

Hawaii volcano: Fresh eruptions spew toxic gas as residents flee

On Hawaii's Big Island, further evacuations have been ordered as two more deadly cracks emerge around the Kilauea volcano, releasing toxic gasses. Kilauea started spewing...

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2018-05-02 migrants

Migrant caravan: Small number of asylum seekers allowed on US soil

This week, focus in the US was on a caravan of Central American migrants stuck on the Mexican border. After three nights sleeping outside, close to 30 of them were allowed to...

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2018-04-26 Donald Trump

Trump rolls out red carpet for Macron

This week, French President Emmanuel Macron is in Washington for a state visit. It is the first such visit to be hosted by the US president, with Donald Trump also hosting his...

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