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Somalia twin bombings kill 18 in Mogadishu

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Arming the "good guys"?

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Gun Control in the United States: Will the Florida shooting be the turning point?

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Giving a voice to the homeless in France

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'Never Again': The students pushing for US gun control

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#TECH 24

A bright future for solar power

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Winter in France's Burgundy vineyards

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How French cyber police are patrolling the 'Dark Web'

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Marseille mon amour: Mediterranean city celebrates love

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Latest update : 2018-02-01

Venezuela crisis: Brazil struggles to cope with influx of refugees

As Venezuela's political and economic woes deepen, more and more residents are choosing to throw in the towel. Tens of thousands have already packed their bags to escape a humanitarian crisis that the Maduro government denies even exists. Many have headed over the border to Brazil. But that mass exodus is clogging up the asylum system and causing a headache for Venezuela's neighbour.

Meanwhile, when he came to office a year ago, he said he was inheriting an America that was in the gutter. Twelve months on, Donald Trump says his administration has radically turned things around. In his first ever State of the Union address, the US president said he'd ushered in a "new American moment" in which things are booming. But his Democratic rivals say Trump's a bully, and that the White House is more chaotic than productive.

And finally, when Haiti makes the headlines, it's usually because of its chronic levels of poverty or because of natural disasters. But for this week's show, we've been to the island's jazz festival to offer you something a little more upbeat. The event is already making waves on the international music scene. Our team reports from the capital.

By Jeanne LAVENANT , Camille FEVRIER , Stéphanie CHEVAL , Thomas WATERHOUSE


2018-02-21 Donald Trump

Gun control in the US: A glimmer of compromise?

Emma Gonzalez, a survivor of last week's Florida school shooting, has become a symbol. She is just one of many high school students forced into becoming an activist for gun...

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2018-02-14 Mexico

Mexico: Indigenous mobile phone network transforms rural areas

This week we head to Mexico, where a new mobile phone co-op has transformed rural communities without any other network. It's up and running thanks to a legal triumph by...

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2018-02-07 USA

Immigration in the US: Families left in limbo as arrests increase

This week we head to the United States, where Donald Trump has vowed to crack down on illegal immigration. It's led to an increase in the number of arrests by the US Immigration...

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2018-01-18 Donald Trump

Trump's presidency, one year in: 365 days of outrageous tweets and blunders

Since he came to office one year ago, US President Donald Trump has posted an average of seven messages on Twitter per day. It's a year that's been filled with not just tweets,...

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