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Politicians, activists and researchers debate the issues facing the EU and a 'guest of the week' offers their insight in a long-format interview that gets to the heart of the matter. Saturday at 12.10 pm.

Latest update : 2018-02-06

A fair deal for farmers: How to make agriculture pay in 2018 & beyond? (part 2)

Rolling green fields, happy animals and rosy-cheeked fruit-pickers: that's the classic storybook image of farming that many of us grow up with, but the reality is often far from that ideal. We bring you a special edition of Talking Europe focused on the challenges facing Europe's farmers. In this second part of the show, we focus on France, where the number of suicides among farmers tripled in 2016 - with low incomes and disappearing profit margins seen by many as a major factor.

The French Agriculture Minister, Stéphane Travert, takes us to the Paris conference on the future of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), that’s due to be re-written as of 2020. Meanwhile, Luke Brown and Johan Bodin report on how the EU is already thinking ahead to this CAP in 2020 and on how to allow farmers to earn a decent living.

We also visit a vineyard in the south of France with MEP Eric Andrieu. He tells us why winegrowers tend to be relatively better off than other farmers. 

And are large retailers and supermarkets responsible for the low incomes of farmers? We take a closer look at the situation regarding milk prices. Luke Brown and Anais Guérard report.

By Catherine NICHOLSON

Our guests

Stéphane TRAVERT

French farming and food minister


MEP from Languedoc-Roussilon, France's biggest wine-growing region


2018-07-30 Talking Europe

What’s the future of forests in Corsica?

Wildfires that take lives, destroy ecosystems, and damage vast swathes of property and land have once again come to Europe's Mediterranean edge in the summer of 2018. In 2017,...

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2018-07-30 Talking Europe

What's the future of forests in Sweden?

Recent forest fires in Sweden’s normally cool and damp lands have sparked alarm and brought new attention to the climate change that scientists say will make wildfires an...

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2018-07-23 Talking Europe

'No evidence that refugee flows per se have brought insecurity', UNHCR says

We're now three years on from the peak of the crisis in Europe over an unprecedented influx of people seeking a new life in the EU. The numbers of arrivals are drastically down,...

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2018-07-23 Talking Europe

Train tickets for young people: Building a new Europe, or simply free holidays?

Summer is here in Europe, and as thoughts turn to holidays and getaways, some 15,000 18-year-olds from all around the EU are getting some good news: they've been picked to...

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2018-07-16 Talking Europe

Eurogroup chief Centeno: 'We need to put an end to what seems to be a trade war in the making'

This summer, there's big economic news for Europe: Greece is formally exiting its bailout programme, the ongoing trade war between the EU and the US, and plans to overhaul the...

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