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Alarmingly high rates of HIV among China's youth

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Samira Wiley, Darren Criss & Neal McDonough at Monte-Carlo Television Festival

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Violence against trangender women in Indonesia, and more

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'The frozen heart of America': Condemnation as migrant families torn apart in US

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'There are two policies towards Russia in the Trump administration'

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Grandmas Project: 'Their history was passed down through food'

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Mali's basketball star: NBA top player Cheick Diallo makes hometown proud

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Trump threatens huge new tariffs on China

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Tunisia lose first World Cup match against England

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Latest update : 2018-02-26

India mourns death of Sridevi, Bollywood's first female star

IN THE WORLD PAPERS - Monday, February 26: Will China's decision to remove presidential term limits mean Xi Jinping stays in power? We look at reactions to the constitutional change. Also, students who survived the mass shooting in Florida return to their high school for the first time. India mourns the untimely death of Bollywood's first female superstar. Finally, an Australian town holds the first festival dedicated to... the mullet!

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Chinese President Xi Jinping is removing presidential term limits. Is this for better leadership, as the pro-communist paper Global Times says, or is it an ominous sign of things to come?

In the US, Parkland students return to their high school, nearly a fortnight after the shooting. It's an emotional trip, as the New York Times reports. Also, the New York Post looks at Dana Loesch, the new face of the NRA.

Sridevi, Bollywood's first female superstar, has passed away at the age of 54. For many, she was a feminist trailblazer in India.

Finally, it's not a hairstyle, but a lifestyle. We look at the first mullet festival held this weekend in Australia.

By Dheepthika LAURENT



2018-06-19 Dheepthika LAURENT

'The frozen heart of America': Condemnation as migrant families torn apart in US

IN THE PAPERS - Tuesday, June 19: There's outrage from both sides of the political spectrum over Donald Trump's migration policy that's seen children separated from their...

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2018-06-18 Dheepthika LAURENT

Celebrations after Mexico's win against Germany prompts 'fan-made' earthquake

IN THE PAPERS - Monday, June 18: We look at reactions in Colombia after the country elects conservative Ivan Duque as its new president. In the US, criticism grows from...

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2018-06-15 Alison SARGENT

'As Saudis go to war, the crown prince attends a soccer match'

Friday, June 15, 2018: As Saudi paper Arab News celebrates military gains in Yemen, others condemn Saudi Arabia for creating a humanitarian disaster. The New York Times reminds...

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2018-06-14 Dheepthika LAURENT

World Cup: Why footballers' haircuts show France has real chance of winning

IN THE PAPERS - Thursday, June 14: As the World Cup kicks off, we look at what the Russian papers are saying and the sports pages around the world. France and Italy's diplomatic...

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2018-06-13 Dheepthika LAURENT

Social climber: Minnesota raccoon climbs skyscraper, becomes national hero

IN THE PAPERS - Wednesday, June 13: A war of words escalates between France and Italy after Rome refuses to take in a migrant rescue boat carrying over 600 people. In the UK,...

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