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Ireland: The forgotten Angels of Tuam

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S.Africa's former President Zuma to face corruption charges

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'60 Minutes' to air interview with porn actress aledging affair with Trump

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In Africa, French is more than a common language

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Poisoned Relations: UK sanctions Russia over nerve agent attack

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Behind the scenes at France's majestic Chantilly castle

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#THE 51%

#MeToo in South Korea

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Russia's opposition weakened as Putin looks set for fourth term

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Fantasy novelist Robin Hobb among guests at France's biggest book fair

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Latest update : 2018-03-08

Colombia elections: The FARC's hard road to parliament

In Colombia, elections are fast approaching and for the first time ever, the vote will see members of the ex-guerrilla movement FARC run for Congress. The FARC rebels fought the government for over 50 years in a conflict that left more than 260,000 people dead. But a peace deal two years ago helped turn the FARC into a political party that now has dozens of former fighters running for office.

Also, there were a lot of sad Parisian football fans as PSG got shut out of Europe's Champions League for the second year in a row. Some say the loss was due to the absence of star player Neymar, who watched the game from his home country of Brazil, where he's recovering from surgery for a broken toe. But the media frenzy over Neymar's stay in an ultra-modern clinic has got many Brazilians angry that the attention is focused on the wrong place - we tell you more.

Meanwhile, in the US, the revolving door spun again this week at the Trump administration. The turnover of Trump's staff has been higher than any White House in decades.The latest departure was that of top economic advisor Gary Cohn. He quit after Trump threatened new trade tariffs on imports of aluminium and steel.

And two years ago, the environmental activist Berta Caceres was killed in Honduras. She was murdered for taking a stance against the building of a hydraulic dam. On the very day of the second anniversary of her death, her alleged assassin was arrested.

By Genie GODULA , Stéphanie CHEVAL , Agnès LE COSSEC


2018-03-14 USA

Contemplating the wall: Trump inspects prototypes in California

In keeping with a campaign promise, President Trump has been inspecting prototypes for a wall he wants built along the US border with Mexico. His visit to the site saw protests...

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2018-02-28 National Rifle Association (NRA)

Florida shooting: 'Never Again' movement gains ground as pressure mounts on NRA

Pupils and teachers in Florida have returned to their classrooms at their high school in Parkland, where 17 people lost their lives in a mass shooting on February 14. As students...

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2018-02-21 Donald Trump

Gun control in the US: A glimmer of compromise?

Emma Gonzalez, a survivor of last week's Florida school shooting, has become a symbol. She is just one of many high school students forced into becoming an activist for gun...

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2018-02-14 Mexico

Mexico: Indigenous mobile phone network transforms rural areas

This week we head to Mexico, where a new mobile phone co-op has transformed rural communities without any other network. It's up and running thanks to a legal triumph by...

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