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Latest update : 2018-03-22

Emma Gonzalez, a US teen activist against gun violence

In the United States, students themselves are now advocating for gun control. One of the most compelling young activists is Emma Gonzales, a senior at the Florida school where 17 students and staff were killed on Valentine's Day. She's become the voice of what's been dubbed the Mass Shooting Generation, taking on both President Donald Trump and the powerful NRA. Nick Rushworth takes a closer look.

Meanwhile, it's been less than a week since Brazilian activist and councilwoman Marielle Franco was murdered. Protesters have been gathering nationwide to show their anger over her assassination.

Also this week in Brazil, the World Water Forum is taking place in the capital Brasilia. Brazil is a country that seems rich when it comes to water, but in fact, those resources are unevenly distributed. Over one in four Brazilians have no access to purified drinking water and dirty water from sanitation regularly pours into nature. Our correspondents Fanny Lothaire and Catherine Osborn have more.

And Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia, is fighting to solve a 139-year-old dispute with Bolivia's neighbour Chile. At stake is the possibility of changing the country’s borders to give land-locked Bolivia access to the Pacific Ocean. This week, he's been in front of the UN's highest judicial body, the World Court.

By Genie GODULA , Stéphanie CHEVAL , Agnès LE COSSEC , Fanny LOTHAIRE


2018-07-12 Jeanne LAVENANT

Brett Kavanaugh: US Supreme Court to take another rightward shift

Donald Trump has made his second nomination to the US Supreme Court: Brett Kavanaugh. He's an appellate judge, serving on the DC Circuit Court since 2006, and a former advisor to...

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2018-07-05 Jeanne LAVENANT

Uber vs yellow cabs: A living nightmare for New York taxi drivers

In just five years, the cost of a yellow cab taxi medallion has fallen by 75%. These metallic licenses are required for taxis to legally pick up fares in New York, but with the...

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2018-06-28 Jeanne LAVENANT

On the road to the US with teen migrants

This week, as a California judge orders families split up at the US-Mexico border to be brought back together within a month, we take a look at the thousands of children who make...

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2018-06-21 Jeanne LAVENANT

Outcry over migrant family separations in US

This week, anger mounted over the Trump administration's zero-tolerance stance on migration. A new policy has seen migrant parents and their children separated at the US-Mexico...

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2018-06-14 Jeanne LAVENANT

World Cup 2018: Panini sticker enthusiasts get their game on in Brazil

In Brazil, adults and children alike are getting stuck into the ultimate retro collectibles. Panini sticker fever is taking over the country as the 2018 World Cup kicks off in...

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