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Melania’s jacket: What did it mean?

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South Sudan peace deal attempt fails as Kiir rejects Machar

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Zero Tolerance: Does Border Security Trump Compassion?

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Let's become French!

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Taking sides: The dual-nationality footballers playing at the World Cup

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Dior trots out Cruise collection at Chantilly stables

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France's Pelagos sanctuary, a haven for whales and dolphins

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#THE 51%

Developing a code of their own: Are women leading the tech revolution in Paris?

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#TECH 24

Motorsport innovation

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Latest update : 2018-05-21

'The internet is like water, we need to help children understand how to swim'

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect on May 25. The idea is to make sure users know what data is being collected from them, plus when and how that information will be used. Adults can fall victim to abuse online, so where does that leave children? Elizabeth Milovidov, a lawyer and digital parenting expert, tells us how technology is overall a good thing and not something we should shun, but there are risks like bullying or cyber stalking that we need to be aware of.



2018-06-22 Delano D’SOUZA

Crisis averted: What lessons have been learned from Cape Town's water shortage?

In today's Perspective we shine the spotlight on the water crisis in South Africa. Late last year, things got so bad that the government even announced the prospect of "Day...

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2018-06-21 William HILDERBRANDT

Turkey's crackdown: 'This is unprecedented on many levels'

In today's Perspective we meet Amnesty International's Director for Turkey, Idil Eser. She has been campaigning for the release of Amnesty's Turkey Chair Taner Kilic. Eser was...

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2018-06-20 William HILDERBRANDT

World Refugee Day: The story of a French mother who took in an Afghan refugee

In today's Perspective we speak to Benoit Cohen and Mohammad Ewaz. Cohen is a French filmmaker and author of "Mohammad, My Mother and Me". It's the real-life story of his widowed...

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2018-06-19 William HILDERBRANDT

Grandmas Project: 'Their history was passed down through food'

In today's Perspective we meet Jonas Pariente. He is the founder of Grandmas Project, a website that compiles videos of recipes and stories from grandmothers around the world,...

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2018-06-18 William HILDERBRANDT

Charitable donations: 'By 2024, we believe giving will be the norm'

In today's Perspective we spoke to tech entrepreneur Alexandre Mars, a man sometimes called the French Bill Gates. His mission is to boost the effectiveness of charitable...

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