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Film show: Why we love 'Ant-man and the Wasp'

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Brussels to slap $5 billion fine on Google

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Eurogroup chief Centeno: 'We need to put an end to what seems to be a trade war in the making'

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Gender questions take centre stage at Avignon’s theatre festival

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Mandela commemorations: Barack Obama honours Madiba's legacy

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Trump backtracks on Russian meddling

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Collusion? Backlash after Trump praises Putin in Helsinki

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Is French oak under threat?

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Street party, not a wake: Croatian football fans welcome home team

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Latest update : 2018-06-22

Crisis averted: What lessons have been learned from Cape Town's water shortage?

In today's Perspective we shine the spotlight on the water crisis in South Africa. Late last year, things got so bad that the government even announced the prospect of "Day Zero", a day when the taps in the country's largest city would run dry. But a series of measures jolted residents of Cape Town into action. To talk more about this story we're joined by Christine Colvin, freshwater programmes manager at the World Wide Fund for Nature in South Africa.

By Delano D’SOUZA


2018-07-13 Richelle HARRISON PLESSE

Playing the game: The soft power politics of sport

In just a couple of days, the 2018 FIFA World Cup will come to a close. Host nation Russia will bask in the afterglow of having successfully hosted one of the biggest sporting...

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2018-07-12 Richelle HARRISON PLESSE

British author Adam Biles honours senior citizens with 'fire in their bellies'

"Dazzling". "Scintillating". "Beautifully offbeat". That's just some of the praise Paris-based author Adam Biles soaked up for his début novel "Feeding Time", which was published...

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2018-07-11 Stuart NORVAL

Climbing Mount Everest: 'You get addicted to it'

"You get addicted to it". That's why Alyssa Azar, the youngest Australian woman to climb Mount Everest, does it. The summit is nearly 30,000 feet above sea level, on the border...

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2018-07-10 Stuart NORVAL

Niger’s Alphadi on creating opportunities for Africa's young fashion designers

Our Perspective guest today is fashion designer Alphadi often known as the Magician of the Desert. Born in Timbuktu, Alphadi now spends his time between Niger and France making...

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2018-07-09 Stuart NORVAL

'How could they be terrorists, when their only weapon was a book?'

Today in Perspective, we speak to journalist Delphine Minoui, Middle East correspondent for Le Figaro newspaper. Rebel-held Daraya, a suburb of Damascus, was under siege by the...

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