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Communiqué de Presse

'Europe Now', the new European Magazine on FRANCE 24

Latest update : 2013-01-22

FRANCE 24 launches ‘Europe Now’, a new monthly show looking at European issues and at how the economic downturn is hitting the European Union's 27 member States.

On January 27th, FRANCE 24 will be airing ‘Europe Now’, a new monthly show looking at European issues and at how the economic downturn is hitting the European Union's 27 member States.

With a 34-minute format (two 17-minute parts), this new programme will be hosted by Christophe Robeet in English, Caroline de Camaret in French and Salim Badaoui in Arabic.

Every month, Christophe Robeet will take you to a different member State to look at the consequences of Europe's debt crisis. ‘Europe Now’ will analyse the crisis through the eyes of ordinary people facing extraordinarily tough times, talk to businesses beating the odds and thriving, as well as those about to go under, and meet the individuals and organisations trying to find solutions.

FRANCE 24 teams will also be quizzing two MEPs about how their country is faring and what could be done differently.

Who is suffering the most from the downturn? How are charities helping out? Are companies still innovating? All these questions and more will be answered in "Europe Now" on FRANCE 24's three channels.

‘Europe Now’ starts its tour of Europe in Spain, a country where a quarter of the population is out of work and where harsh austerity measures have sparked angry protests.

Detailed programme contents:

Part 1 - A stroll through the city of Murcia, its politics and its economy with European People's Party (Christian Democrat) MEP Cristina Gutiérrez-Cortines, and tours of its largest food-processing company (El Pozo) and a software start-up (Droiders).


- Grandparents supporting unemployment-stricken families. We met senior citizens in Madrid who help their overqualified jobless children and grandchildren to get by with their pensions.

- Cooperatives and how these new business models have become downturn-resistant: the example of Mondragon, a worker-owned multinational.

Part 2 - A meeting with The Greens-European Free Alliance Vice-President Raül Romeva i Rueda in Barcelona to tour Sant-Pau Hospital, where staff are on strike against budget cuts, and a food-aid centre in Catalonia.


- Catalonia, and how the European crisis is rekindling separatist tension: the vote on the belt-tightening budget finds Catalonia loath to share its wealth and idiosyncrasies.

- Will the crisis bury the green revolution? Wind power generation is at an all-time-high level in Spain but the future may be bleaker for green energy.

- Parador hotels are architectural masterpieces, and have tough choices to make between laying off staff and closing down.

About FRANCE 24
FRANCE 24 is a 24/7 international news channel in French, English and Arabic. It reaches 206 million homes on the 5 continents by cable, satellite, ADSL, mobile phones, tablets and connected TVs, and its “New Media” universe (also in the three languages) is viewed 10 million times a month.

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Date created : 2013-01-22