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The world this week - October 24 2014

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Latest update : 2013-07-30

China: web users react to the indictment of Bo Xilai

Today on the net, chinese web users react to the indictment of Bo Xilai. A new search engine designed specifically for Muslims. And a man becomes a web sensation after accidentally spoiling a marriage proposal photo.

China: web users react to the indictment of Bo Xilai

At the centre of one of the biggest political scandals to hit China in years, former rising star of the Chinese communist Party Bo Xilai has now been officially indicted for corruption and abuse of power. According to official media these charges illustrate the determination of China’s new leaders to combat this scourge that blights all levels of government.

Numerous micro-bloggers on Sina Weibo have been saying the same thing. This web user hails the authorities for cracking down on both the “flies and the tigers”, an expression used by the President Xi Jinping when he promised that both the lowly bureaucrats and the powerful leaders would be targeted in the anti-corruption drive.

And although the words Bo Xilai are not blocked on the Chinese web, the case remains a very sensitive topic and countless comments have been removed by censors. Messages like this one for example written by a supporter of Bo Xilai who applauds his work in Chongqing, where he held the position of party chief for four years before his fall from grace.

In other censored messages, web users are wondering if the former party boss will be given a fair trial. Law professor Xu Xin doesn’t think so; he thinks with this highly political case the outcome will have already been decided.

The web user has expressed a similar sentiment, denouncing a show trial which won’t be credible whatever the verdict.

Halalgoogling, a search engine for Muslims

New online search engine "Halalgoogling" describes itself as an alternative to the giant Google and has the stated aim of helping the Muslim community browse the web without disrespecting the Muslim culture. So as its name suggests will not display any content deemed forbidden in Islam.

As the creators explain on the projects blog, it is seeking to satisfy the needs of web users of the Muslim faith, so the search engine which is available in 11 languages including French, English and also Chinese, uses a filtering system, so there will be no links to pornographic images or to gambling sites for example.

The initiative appears to be proving popular, many have hailed the creation of a search engine that respects their beliefs, but it’s not the first platform of its kind. The web has already seen similar projects like "" but they failed to achieve the level of success anticipated.

And it’s not just the Muslim community with access to search engines designed specifically for their faith. There are sites like Jewogle for the Jewish community or ChristianGo for Christians: sites that filter out potentially shocking content and only return results that meet their religious standards.

French photographer uses smartphone to improve reality

François Dourlen uses just his smartphone, a camera and his imagination to reinvent the world around him. The 30 year old History and Geography teacher positions a photo displayed on his mobile phone within a real scene and then takes another photo. He’s used this technique to depict him playing ping pong with tennis champ Rafael Nadal, or spotting the yellow shirted leader of the Tour de France bicycle race. His work is proving hugely popular on social networks and particularly so on the amateur photographer’s Facebook page.

Now trending on social networks

« In the way guy » this is the nickname given to the tourist who accidentally photo bombed a Reddit user’s marriage proposal. The man does seem to be trying to get out of the picture, and the comical shot soon became the subject of all sorts of parodies and mockeries on social networks. Web users have been taking great delight in photoshopping the man into historical and current events. We see him sabotage William and Kate’s moment as they present their son to the public, he’s even found his way into the iconic Times Square kiss photo.

Video of the day

This YouTube video showcases a selection of some of the best costumes seen on attendees of the 2013 San Diego Comic Con – an annual show for everything comic, video game, TV series or film related held last weekend … the clip is a great tribute to the imagination and talent of these cosplayers and modern popular culture devotees …

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