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Seven African countries' economies at risk over Brexit decision

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Britain votes out: What next?

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#TECH 24

The 'fintech' revolution

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A certified 'palace': How hotels strive for excellence

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#THE 51%

In her own image: Women in Art

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World War I: When northern France was on German time

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Video: Ugandan city still scarred by Lord's Resistance Army atrocities

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#Brexit sparks a storm on social media

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Markets, pound plunge on Brexit vote

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A debate on the latest developments in French politics with two Paris-based journalists. Every Tuesday at 4.45 pm Paris time.



Latest update : 2011-09-19

Clearstream scandal: a happy end?

Former French PM Dominique de Villepin was cleared this week by an appeals court of conspiring to smear his arch-rival, President Nicolas Sarkozy, in the 'Clearstream' case. But this doesn't mean he can rest on his laurels: Villepin is now accused by a former middleman of taking envelopes of 'dirty' cash from African leaders.

Marc Perelman interviews Jean-Marc Gonin, Senior Writer with Le Figaro Magazine; and Philip Turle, Journalist with Radio France Internationale.

Programme prepared by Narimène LAOUADI.



2016-06-21 Socialist Party (France)

Primary election on the left: A risky gamble for Hollande?

In a stunning reversal, France's Socialist Party has announced that it will designate its candidate for the 2017 presidential election through a primary contest. For the first...

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2016-06-08 French politics

France’s 2017 presidential election: Can the far-left play a decisive role?

The mother of all elections, the French presidential election, is now less than a year away. While the far-right National Front is riding high in the polls and expected to square...

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2016-05-31 unrest

Social unrest in France: A decisive week ahead

Another week of social unrest in France: A series of strikes have been launched to protest the government’s proposed labour reform as the country is gearing up for the European...

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2016-05-24 France

Social unrest in France: A crucial test for the ruling Socialists

During the first four years of his mandate, French President François Hollande avoided major street protests and strikes, proudly arguing that it was the result of his emphasis...

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2016-05-17 French Presidential Elections 2017

2017 presidential election: Will Hollande have a rival on the left?

François Hollande has not yet said explicitly whether he intends to run for re-election in a year's time, but his popularity remains at record-low levels. Meanwhile, some rivals...

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