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The 'fintech' revolution

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A certified 'palace': How hotels strive for excellence

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In her own image: Women in Art

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World War I: When northern France was on German time

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Video: Ugandan city still scarred by Lord's Resistance Army atrocities

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#Brexit sparks a storm on social media

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Markets, pound plunge on Brexit vote

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Latest update : 2014-05-30

Glenn Greenwald: NSA leaks 'obviously very gratifying' for Snowden


NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s biggest fear as he leaked damning evidence of widespread US snooping last year was that no one would have taken him seriously, according to Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Snowden’s revelations shook the world in 2013 as the Guardian and Washington Post revealed the vast extent of US National Security Agency snooping programme.

He was terrified at the time, according to Greenwald, that he would have risked his life unraveling – and possibly spending the rest of his life in jail – and that no one would have taken his leaks seriously.

And, according to Greenwald, who himself has been the subject of threats because of his role as a go-between for Snowden and the media, seeing the huge response to the leaks was "obviously very gratifying" for Snowden.

"It has been a burden of stress…and there have been a lot of risks", he told FRANCE 24. "But it has also been an opportunity to start a worldwide debate".

Greenwald added that he felt too many journalists "are subservient to and accommodating of the very factions of political power that the free press exists to constrain", citing the way the US government had convinced Americans to support a war in Iraq "based on falsehoods".





2016-06-22 Guatemala

'Justice is not revenge': Rigoberta Menchu on her fight for indigenous rights

Rigoberta Menchu has dedicated her life to promoting indigenous rights, particularly those of women in her home country of Guatemala and beyond. Her work earned her the Nobel...

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2016-06-20 refugees

'If you don’t solve problems, they will come to you,' UNHCR tells FRANCE 24

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) published its annual report Monday to mark World Refugee Day and the reality is grim: A record 65.3 million people have been forced...

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2016-06-18 Arab world

'The Third Sex': A Lebanese poet's manifesto against taboos

Joumana Haddad is a Lebanese journalist, poet, author and one of the most daring women's rights activists in the Arab world. Her latest release is "The Third Sex", a collection...

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2016-06-15 climate change

Fighting poverty and climate change 'must be done together'

Last September, world leaders at the UN agreed on 17 Sustainable Development Goals, such as ending poverty and tackling climate change. But an agreement on what needs to be done...

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2016-06-11 Jean-Marc Ayrault

Peace in Syria is in everyone's interest, French FM tells FRANCE 24

Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault sits down with France 24 to mark his nation's presidency of the United Nations Security Council and talks peacekeeping, Brexit, refugees,...

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