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When China Sneezes: World markets rattled by bubble burst (part 2)

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Desperate to get to Europe: How to handle migrant surge? (part 1)

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Behind the scenes of France's National Assembly

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#TECH 24

Saving water, one shower at a time

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Katrina, ten years on: Young survivors still grapple with trauma

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Has New Orleans got its groove back?

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Meet the French troops hunting jihadists in Sahel

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#THE 51%

Women redesigning our world: Skyscrapers and changemakers

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Middle East: A West Bank town’s fragile rebirth

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Whether national or international, the news always needs a second opinion. Check out our op-ed section for a different perspective on the stories making headlines in France and abroad. Commentators from the France 24 newsroom give you their take on the world's hot-button issues.

Sophie PILGRIM 2014-09-23

Drama and indifference at the UN General Assembly

As world leaders pour into New York for climate talks and the annual United Nations General Assembly, mid-Manhattan is on high alert and overrun with individuals sporting the conspicuous secret service uniform of sunglasses, earpieces, and suits.   The assembly’s stand-out performers of recent...

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Alon BEN-MEIR 2014-06-19

Deconstructing The Iraq And Syria Conflicts

The current escalating sectarian violence between the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Iraqi forces and the unending civil war in Syria are now intertwined and neither can be resolved without the other, which requires a dramatic change in the political and military landscape in Syria and...

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Alon BEN-MEIR 2014-03-18

Syria: The Forgotten

Imagine the face of a little boy walking while holding his father’s hand, when suddenly the father plunges onto the ground with a bullet in his head. “Oh my God,” the boy screams, “God, please Baba don’t leave me, no, no please, please don’t leave me this way.” Another bullet shatters the boy’s...

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Alon BEN-MEIR 2014-02-07

Syria: Geneva 2's tragic charade

It is hard to imagine that representatives of the 30 countries that assembled in Geneva actually believed that they could find a political solution to the Syrian civil war. Given the differing strategic interests in Syria of the powers within and outside the region, reaching a consensus to end the...

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François PICARD 2014-01-26

Hollande in Turkey: no more questions please

It’s the political equivalent of showing up with flowers and walking straight into a bar room brawl. The pitfalls lie not so much in François Hollande’s relationship status update. The break-up with partner Valérie Trierweiler aside, when Hollande touches down Monday for the long-overdue first...

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Douglas HERBERT 2014-01-15

The Gayet Affair : What Hollande should have said

Below is what I wish Hollande had said – but didn’t – at Tuesday’s press conference. “Good afternoon,  Before I start, I want to address an issue that has been making headlines and sparking a debate not just here in France, but in the foreign press as well. It concerns my private life – to be...

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David TOLBERT 2014-01-14

Three Years Since Revolution, Tunisia Seeks to Reckon With Difficult Past

On this day three years ago, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled Tunisia in the face of a massive popular revolt against his despotic rule marked by repression and widespread corruption. This was the culmination of a revolution sparked by the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi, a street vendor from Sidi...

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Bradley BURSTON 2013-12-11

Nixing Mandela funeral as too costly, Bibi shows world what he's made of

Israel's prime minister proves he is not the smug, petty, vindictive, waffling, in-your-face insulting man he seems. He's something worse. In his eleventh-hour decision against attending the funeral of Nelson Mandela, Benjamin Netanyahu proved that he is not the smug, petty, vindictive, waffling,...

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Douglas HERBERT 2013-12-04

Putin’s Ukrainian disaster

He wrestles polar bears, rides shirtless on Siberian stallions and bends frying pans with his bare hands. But the Kremlin's man-of-steel, Vladimir Putin, is finding, much to his chagrin, that the demonstrators behind Ukraine's biggest protests since the Orange Revolution aren’t frying pans. They...

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Robert PARSONS 2013-11-29

Spotlight on Vilnius as summit yields no clear winner

The EU has billed the Vilnius summit as historic but the Ukrainian President’s decision to walk away from the deal leaves it looking like anything but. What happened? On the surface, it looks very much as if Viktor Yanukovych has been playing Europe along while he negotiated more favourable trade...

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Olivier FOURCADET 2013-11-27

Carbon taxes target polluters, but who really pays the bill?

In a bid to calm public outcry over mounting tax burdens, France’s Hollande government is backpedaling – at least for the time being – on a planned eco-tax. On the other side of the world, Australia is taking steps to repeal their existing carbon tax program. But this doesn’t mean it’s time to...

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Murat YETKIN 2013-11-27

Turkey loses ground in the Middle East and East Mediterranean

Turkey’s National Security Board (MGK) has not only discussed Syria and Iraq and the Kurdish issue during its Oct. 28 bi-monthly meeting, as it was said in the press release afterwards. According to high rank sources talking to HDN, one of the main issues discussed was Turkey’s national interests...

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Alon BEN-MEIR 2013-11-26

The Nuclear Deal: Netanyahu vs. Obama

The deal that was struck in Geneva between Iran and the P5+ 1 (the US, Russia, Britain, France, China and Germany) represents an important first step in curbing Iran’s nuclear program. Regardless of the multiple flaws it contains, it offers a chance to end Iran’s nuclear impasse peacefully. I have...

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By taking on Expedia and, are smaller hotels biting the hand that feeds them?

This isn’t the first time that online travel agencies (OTAs) like Expedia and have been in hot water. Only last year a lawsuit was launched in the US accusing Expedia, Starwood Hotels and InterContinental Hotel Group of price fixing. This time, it’s the French-based Union de Métiers...

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