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2014-07-11 21:47 AFRICA NEWS

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Finally, a good use for new app "Yo"

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The World This Week - 11 July 2014 (part 2)

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The World This Week - 11 July 2014

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Exclusive: an unlikely victim of the 'War on Terror'

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#THE 51%

Sweden: A Feminist's Paradise?

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Politics: parties under pressure

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In Burma, the rise of radical Buddhism

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Haute Couture: the hand-stitched clothing made in Paris that sells for the price of small yachts

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Latest update : 2013-11-07

Anonymous successfully holds worldwide protest

Today on the net: Anonymous stages the worldwide "Million Mask March" protest with resounding success; November sees men growing a moustache for a good cause; and a finger-snapping virtuoso.

Anonymous successfully holds worldwide protest

Hacker group Anonymous called for their supporters to take part in demonstrations on Tuesday November 5th, to protest against corporations and corruption in government, and rallies were held in over 450 locations around the world. The global movement dubbed the “Million Mask March” was coordinated via Facebook and YouTube where organizers urged protesters to remain peaceful.

And it would seem participants heeded their request, because aside from a few isolated incidents, the rallies were peaceful, calm and friendly. Social networkers have shared reports online, posting numerous amateur documents attesting to the scale of the movement. Pictures and footage from the UK, Italy, Turkey, the US, Australia and also Brazil, showing the thousands of people who took to the streets to protest against their respective governments.

Supporters of Anonymous have hailed the mass mobilization as a great success. Some web users have stated however that although the operation was a success as far as citizen participation is concerned, it was not quite so positive on the traditional media front, as very few outlets provided coverage of these rallies taking place across the globe.

Movember, the month of the moustache

It’s that time of year again - "Movember" is back. Created in Australia 10 years ago, “Movember” as in moustache and November, is a month long annual event aimed at raising awareness and funds for men’s’ health issues. It’s great fun and is enjoying massive success the world over.

Men have been taking to social networks in their droves posting photos of themselves shaving in preparation or sporting the beginnings of a moustache. And they include a host of sports personalities, like the members of American football team, the New England Patriots who, as we can see here, took part in a public shaving session for charity.

And it’s not just men doing their bit for Movember. All manner of pictures are doing the rounds on Twitter, showing women wearing false moustaches. As this web user explains it’s a fun way of giving her partner some support as he takes on the month long moustache challenge.

And in a bid to sway the more reticent, and get them to grow a moustache in November, American website “Made Man” has put together a little guide presented by a moustache master, actor Nick Offerman. We see him pay tribute to the most famous whisker wearers of all time, including the likes of Salvador Dali and the Mario Bros. People he believes have turned moustaches into an art from, and deserve some recognition.

Now trending on social networks

On Tuesday Bill de Blasio was elected as the new Mayor of New York City. Social networks have been abuzz with praise for the new mayor ever since, with netizens saying he will bring about the change they’ve been waiting for. Some have also taken the opportunity to slam his predecessor, Michael Bloomberg’s time in office and have openly expressed how happy they will be to see him step down on January 1st after a 12 month term.

Meet Gucci, the tights-wearing cat

Meet Gucci the cat ... her Swedish owners have turned her into a viral sensation by dressing her up with a pair of stuffed tights and posting the puss in all manner of poses and scenarios on their Tumblr blog “meowfit”. These pics will no doubt be a massive hit with cat lovers everywhere.

Video of the day

Darren Drouin is a musician from Toronto, Canada and he performs complex and melodious pieces using just his fingers as instruments. You can see him showcasing his talent in this video, available on YouTube, in which he takes finger snapping to a whole new level.

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