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#TECH 24

Anonymous ‘declare cyber war’ on IS militants

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Cambodian garment workers demand minimum wage

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Latest update : 2013-10-23

Amnesty International accuses US of war crimes in Pakistan

Today on the net: Amnesty International accuses the US of war crimes in Pakistan; online campaigning for the Greenpeace activists jailed in Russia; and a marching band in a spectacular tribute to Michael Jackson.

Amnesty International accuses US of war crimes in Pakistan

Amnesty International has released a damming report saying the United States may be guilty of war crimes. The document, which is over 70 pages long and available on the NGO’s website alleges US drone strikes have resulted in unlawful killings of civilians in tribal areas in the north west of Pakistan.

Amnesty International reviewed all the drone attacks carried out in Pakistan between January 2012 and August 2013, before focusing on two that took place in July and October 2012, during which 19 people were killed. US administration described the victims as terrorists, but the NGO says there were actually innocent civilians, including a 68 year old woman killed by a missile whilst picking vegetables in her garden.

Civilians are paying a very heavy price in these military operations. As a Pakistani man explains in this poignant video published by the NGO along with the report, people live in constant fear, wondering if they will be the next victim.

As Human Rights Watch points out, the US military has not only targeted Pakistan with air strikes. The organization has also released a report discussing similar attacks in Yemen, where at least 57 civilians have been killed by drones since 2009. The NGO urges the US authorities to rethink their drones program and show more transparency with these types of operation.

Web users show support for Greenpeace activists jailed in Russia

The 28 Greenpeace activists and two journalists arrested whilst trying to board an oil platform in the Arctic have now been held in a Russian prison for over a month. The environmentalists who wanted to stage a protest against drilling in this polar region were charged with piracy and could be facing up to 15 years in jail. Web users are busy campaigning for their release.

The NGO has published individual photos of each of the jailed Greenpeace activists to raise public awareness and encourage people the world over to send a message to their Russian embassy, demanding the immediate release of the group now known as “The Arctic 30”.

The appeal has also been relayed on Twitter where the FreetheArctic30 hashtag has become very popular, with users voicing support and sharing updates on the activists. The author of this tweet for example is urging web users to visit the Guardian newspaper’s website to read a letter one of the detained environmentalists has written to her family, describing the prison conditions and how she’s scared she’ll spend most of her life in jail.

And these French environmental activists have set up a Facebook group for the detained Greenpeace campaigners. Their message “not pirates, just environmentalists” has fallen on deaf ears in Russia where the activists are due to stand trial on November 24.

Now trending on social networks

Web users in the UK have been posting comical, sarcastic even, comments under the #CameronHeatingTips hashtag, after the British Prime Minister suggested consumers should wear some extra layers in order to keep warm. His remarks were soon ridiculed, and all sorts of handy hints, each as wacky as the next, have been popping online. How about setting the guest bedroom on fire? Or why not leave your children to warm up in toasty pubs …

Art you can eat

Landscapes, famous faces, fictional characters … this is all art you can eat … and it is available to view on culinary artist Samantha Lee’s Instagram account: incredible creations which are enjoying phenomenal success online where over 323 000 web users are following her pics. Tasty stuff indeed!

Video of the day

As we can see in this video, the Ohio State University Marching Band in the US paid tribute to Michael Jackson this weekend. An incredible performance during which the musicians and dancers even managed to pull off the late “King of Pop’s” famous “Moonwalk”, and the spectators in the stands absolutely loved it.

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2014-09-23 Social Media

Cambodian garment workers demand minimum wage

In this edition: Cambodian garment workers demanding a higher minimum wage; anti-Islam ads spark outrage in the US; and waltzing on the walls of a Californian building.

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2014-09-22 UK

Ukraine: Activists launch 'Blood Bucket Challenge'

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Brazil's presidential election seen from the web

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Young Iranians use illegal technology to bypass internet censorship

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