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Felix Diaz
San Antonio, Texas
Supporting: Undecided

I'm still undecided, but I'm leaning toward Obama, mostly because of his social programmes. Healthcare and the legal standing of immigrants brought here as children, which Obama has tried to address with the Dream Act, are two issues that are very important to me.

Veronica Regalado
Houston, Texas
Supporting: Barack Obama

Hispanics in Texas have yet to find their collective political voice. By voting for Obama, I'm doing what I can to change that.

Amanda Lambert
Salt Lake City, Utah
Geriatric care manager
Supporting: Barack Obama

There is a strong place for government in helping people who are unable to help themselves due to circumstances beyond their control. Citizens must be taxed at a fair rate to pay for services, programmes and assistance for those who need help.

Deborah Barlow
Tampa, Florida
Loan officer
Supporting: Mitt Romney

I grew up in a conservative, Southern Baptist home. My parents were Republicans and I have followed suit. Even though I am a registered Republican, I vote for who I feel would best take care of our country and families.

Jeff Wong
Boynton Beach, Florida
High school college counselor
Supporting: Barack Obama

President Obama will do a better job of representing the economic interests of the people, rather than the interests of corporations and banks. Furthermore, Obama has shown that he supports the basic civil rights of all Americans, regardless of their race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Gene Fair
Beach City, Ohio
Supporting: Barack Obama

With the massive give-away in tax cuts for the 1%, and now talk about more tax cuts for the "job creators", I believe the Republican Party - which I subscribed to for 50 years - has shown itself to be the party of rich, white bigots.

Natasha L. Logan
New York, New York
Arts consultant & producer
Supporting: Barack Obama

President Obama has steered our country as close as we've come to a functional healthcare system. It's also urgent that we resolve our flawed immigration policy and reconsider the accessibility of higher education. Obama is more capable than any other candidate of producing sustainable strategies around these issues.

Mina Parkins
New York, New York
Director of a business
and trade school
Supporting: Mitt Romney

I immigrated from Serbia in 2004, and this is my first time voting. I'm fiscally very conservative and I don't believe in the redistribution of money. I'm excited about Romney, because he has the mind of a businessman. And I believe with a Republican in the White House, there will be a strong middle class.

René Leon
Sleepy Hollow, New York
Restaurant chef
Supporting: Barack Obama

This is the first time I am voting in a presidential election. I have chosen to vote for Obama, because I am an immigrant, and the Democrats' policies are more supportive of us.

Miguel Tuason
Arlington, Virginia
Small business owner
Supporting: Barack Obama

I am voting for President Obama because, as a gay man, there is really no other choice. But, as an American, the Democrats are clearly the better choice to continue cleaning up the mess of the Bush/Cheney era.

Mark Strand
Nokesville, Virginia
President of a non-profit
Supporting: Mitt Romney

We need someone with economic expertise to make the hard choices needed to restore sound financial footing. The US also suffers from a confusing and weak foreign policy. The latest terrorist attack in Libya shows how out-of-touch the Obama administration is with the problems in the Arab world.

John Farina
Brinklow, Maryland
Professor of Religious Studies
Supporting: Mitt Romney

President Obama's policies have failed miserably in terms of creating jobs. Romney is an extremely competent business manager. That's what we need now: someone less ideological, less dreamy, more practical, and more experienced as manager.

Karyn Greenwood
Missoula, Montana
Biology student
Supporting: Barack Obama

I believe Obama's economic policies helped avert a depression and are steadily improving the economy. I am hoping he will be bolder in his positions during his second term because there is no need to play reelection politics.

Brad Fingeroot
West Bloomfield, Michigan
Supporting: Mitt Romney

Romney offers a sharp contrast of ideas with President Obama, and is willing to tackle the tough issues facing the US - not simply play rhetorical games and blame a past administration for the failures of today.

Shay Cooper
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Business owner
Supporting: Mitt Romney

Our country was not founded as a Socialist country. We are in major debt and need someone in office that knows how to make our country the best once again.

Barbara A Woodin
West Chester, Pennsylvania
Supporting: Barack Obama

He deserves a second term. I feel he can work with Congress - if they deign to work with him instead of blocking every proposal he puts forth – to get the economy going again.

Robert Doyle
Camas, Washington
Solar thermal
technology salesman
Supporting: Mitt Romney

I'm supporting Romney because of his fiscal responsibilty, his business experience, his experience running Massachusetts and the Salt Lake City Olympics, and because I am a pro-life Catholic.

Kent Walker
Charlotte, North Carolina
Retired high school teacher
Supporting: Barack Obama

I'm an Independent. But I'm a strong Obama supporter, because he is doing a good job given all the knucklehead Republicans there are in Congress. Romney is a rich snob who will support any position to get elected.

Matt Pequegnat
Hilton Head, South Carolina
Government employee
Supporting: Mitt Romney

Democrats are evil…

Andrew Poklaske
Chicago, Illinois
Floral designer,
business owner
Supporting: Barack Obama

The Republican party has nothing to offer me. They are extreme, almost dangerous, in regard to social programmes. We lived through eight years of George Bush's neo-cons promoting war, and President Obama is ending them.

Jeffrey Baefsky
Arcadia, California
Supporting: Barack Obama

Romney's platform, with its assault on the poor, the sick, women, immigrants and working people, nauseates me. Obama is to the right of my positions on foreign policy. But on domestic policy, he's far more progressive than the religious fundamentalists and crony capitalists of the Republican Party.

Sarah Bohannon
Santa Monica, California
Supporting: Barack Obama

I wasn't old enough to vote in 2008, but it was very exciting to witness the election of Barack Obama -- especially for me, being an African American. Today I support Obama because what he stands for and the message he sends makes more sense to me than Romney's opinions.

Julian Levant
San Francisco, California
Media store owner
Supporting: Barack Obama

Democrats usually do more to protect the most vulnerable in society, allow for more progressive societal changes, and favor the middle and working class. The exact opposite occurs under Republican administrations.

Vivianne Hoskinson
Burrton, Kansas
Retired social worker
and teacher
Supporting: Mitt Romney

We cannot have four more years of debt, loss of individual freedom, anti-life measures, destruction of the family and dismal foreign policy.

Christy Andrews
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Retired health insurance agent
Supporting: Mitt Romney

Obama is taking the US straight down the path of Socialism. He wants bigger and bigger government, and for the majority of people to be dependent on it. These were not the principles the US was founded upon!

Gregory Hall
Denver, Colorado
Information technology expert
Supporting: Barack Obama

Obama represents the entire nation. Also, I feel the Democrats offer a better course of direction. We leave no one to stand alone. We believe a successful nation helps its people.

Craig Anderson
Derry, New Hampshire
Wood flooring designer
and installer
Supporting: Barack Obama

I do not make a huge amount of money and I am not a religious zealot so I do not feel that Republicans represent my interests. The Democrats attempt to further the social well-being of Americans, but do not seek to control our personal lives as do the Republicans.

Julia Goldberg
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Supporting: Barack Obama

I could never support a Republican given the party's stance on women' reproductive health. Beyond that, Mitt Romney is patently dishonest on his positions. Even if President Obama disappointed me on a variety of issues, I support his beliefs regarding domestic policies.