Sarkozy won't meet those who fail to recognise Israel

President Nicolas Sarkozy said he would not meet with “those who refuse to recognise the state of Israel,” as he spoke at a meeting of France's Jewish umbrella group.


French president Nicolas Sarkozy spoke on Wednesday before the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (French acronym : Crif).  He was among a thousand guests assembled at the Armenonville pavilion in Boulogne, France.

Sarkozy affirmed that he had “asked the government, especially the Minister of Education, Xavier Darcos, to begin teaching elementary school students, starting from the 2008 academic school year, about the Holocaust, particularly in memory of the 11,000 children who died.”  President Sarkozy said that schoolchildren would "adopt" Jewish child victims of the Holocaust.

He also announced he would visit Israel in May to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the creation of the state of Israel.

Supporting the right of Israel to defend itself, Sarkozy reiterated that “the Palestinians should have a state” and that “an agreement by the end of the year is possible.”

He added, “I will not meet, I will not shake hands with those who refuse to recognise the State of Israel.”

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