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Romario finally calls it a day

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In case you hadn't noticed, 42-year-old Brazilian footballer Romario was still playing. At least until today, when he announced he would retire at the weekend. One of the Seleçao's finest players, Romario scored his 1000th goal on May 20, 2007.


Former Brazilian international striker Romario announced Friday that he will retire this weekend when his contract with Vasco de Gama expires.

"I'm not playing any more. I no longer have the form. It's over for me," the 42-year-old told the daily O Dia.

The 1994 World Cup winner said that from March 30 he "would be unemployed and looking for a job".

The last match he played was on November 4.

But he did not rule out playing some farewell games.

"I always wanted to end as I began - without anyone noticing. I said that when it was least expected I would stop. But it could happen that I could still do one or two farewell games ... who knows?

"I'm in this situation because I want to be. I've taken advantage to stay with my children. That's what makes me happy."

As for the future, the player who scored 1,000 goals, is open to offers.

"There was the possibility of doing something with Fla(mengo) TV. Kleber Leite (Flamengo vice-president) was meant to contact me but I've heard nothing yet," explained Romario.

"I'm going to wait until something terrific turns up. I wanted to do something for the 2014 World Cup. I would like to participate in a commission."

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