'Netocracy' authors: interview + meeting with bloggers

Alexander Bard and Jan Soderqvist, authors of the Internet classic "Netocracy: the new power elite and life after capitalism," visited FRANCE 24 for an interview and a meeting with French bloggers.


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Background on 'Netocracy'


In their now classic study "Netocracy: the new power elite and life after capitalism," Alexander Bard and Jan Soderqvist argue that the Internet is transforming modern society into a Netocracy. Using the classic Marxist model, they say that just as feudalism gave way to capitalism in the industrial age, now capitalism is giving way to a Netocracy. The new world belongs to the Netocrats - aristocrats of the Net - who understand that information and influence are key.


The book raises questions: Who are the winners and losers in the Netocracy? Who has power? The same old rich white guys in the West? Or teenage girls in Korea?  And a new elite... is this what the Internet is creating?  How about a better world for all? 


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