Austrian man confesses to committing incest

A 73-year-old man confessed to having a prolonged incestuous relations with his daughter, with whom he may have fathered seven children while imprisoning her in a basement for more than 20 years. (Story: O.Fairclough, J.Jackson)


A 73-year-old Austrian man accused of holding his daughter captive for 24 years and fathering seven children with her has started making a confession, police said Monday.

"He is in the process of making a confession," one of the investigators told the Austrian news agency APA, adding that it was still too early to speak of a comprehensive statemet just yet.

Police are still searching the family house in Amstetten, east Austria, where the woman, Elisabeth Fritzl, and her children were allegedly held prisoner by her father, Josef, in three cramped underground rooms.

The rooms, measuring "50-60 square metres in all" were furnished like a flat, a spokesman for the prosecutors, Gerhard Sedlacek said.

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