Two suicide bombers kill over 30 in Iraq

Two suicide bombers blew themselves up north of Baghdad and killed over 30 people amid a crowd of people, an Iraqi army officer says. Meanwhile, Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has refused to meet a delegation of Iraqi MPs for peace talks.


BAGHDAD, May 1 (Reuters) - Two suicide bombers killed 30
people and wounded 65 others when they detonated explosive vests
in a busy market in a town northeast of Baghdad on Thursday,
Iraqi police said.

Police said the second bomber struck as crowds rushed to
evacuate the wounded from the first attack, a common tactic used
by bombers to maximise casualties.

Suicide bombings are a tactic mainly employed in Iraq by
Sunni Arab militant groups such as al Qaeda.

Iraq has seen a surge in violence over the past month,
mainly involving clashes pitting Shi'ite militias against U.S.
and government troops in Baghdad and the south.

But Sunni Arab al Qaeda has also struck with a number of
large suicide bombings in the north.

Iraqi government figures show April was the deadliest month
for civilians since August last year.

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