Clint Eastwood teams up with Angelina Jolie

Clint Eastwood screened his new film "The Exchange", starring Angelina Jolie, at Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday, to loud applause. Hollywood's old and young are teaming up in several productions this year.


CANNES, France, May 20 (Reuters) - Veteran Hollywood actor
and director Clint Eastwood has no intention of returning to his
famous role as tough-talking crime buster Dirty Harry, despite
rumours to the contrary.

Asked to comment on press reports that he planned to reprise
the character who first appeared on screens in 1971, 77-year-old
Eastwood replied:

"No. That rumour's incorrect." Eastwood was speaking at a
news conference at the Cannes film festival, where his latest
movie starring Angelina Jolie is in the main competition.

Jolie, sitting alongside him joked: "I am", to which
Eastwood replied:

"Dirty Harriet. The Tomb Raider will play it. I have no
intention. There are certain things you have to be realistic
about. Dirty Harry would not be on a police department at my age
so we'll move on from that."

But he recalled the role, and in particular one of its most
famous lines, with fondness. "It was a fantasy role to point a
.44 Magnum at someone and say 'Do you feel lucky?'"

The Oscar-winning director made several references to his
age, both direct and indirect.

When a journalist congratulated him on his upcoming
birthday, he looked slightly taken aback then said: "It's at
least a week away, so let me in peace."

Another ageing Hollywood star, Harrison Ford, was also in
Cannes this year fielding questions about his age. The
65-year-old has just appeared in the fourth Indiana Jones film
19 years after the last one.

In Eastwood's new movie, Jolie plays a woman in the 1920s
whose search for her missing son forces her to confront a
corrupt Los Angeles police department and a serial child killer.

Loud applause broke out at the end of a press screening in
Cannes on Tuesday, ahead of the world premiere red carpet event
later in the evening when Brad Pitt is expected to join Jolie.

There was only one hitch with the launch of the movie,
already receiving fulsome praise in Internet reviews -- nobody
seems to know what it is called.

In French the cast and crew agreed it was called
"L'Echange", but in English the original title given by Cannes
organisers of "The Changeling" had been changed in festival
literature to "The Exchange".

"It may be in writing but is it the truth?" Eastwood asked,
and the news conference wound up.

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