Mugabe threatens to expel US ambassador

Zimbabwean President Mugabe threatened to expel the US ambassador on charges of political interference. He also called a top US state department official "a prostitute" for suggesting the opposition had won the recent elections. (Report: P.Hall)


HARARE, May 25 - Zimbabwean President Robert
Mugabe on Sunday accused U.S. ambassador James McGee of
political interference and threatened to expel him from the
southern African nation.

"He says he fought in Vietnam, but fighting in Vietnam does
not give him the right to interfere in our domestic affairs. I
am just waiting to see if he makes one more step wrong. He will
get out," Mugabe said in a campaign rally.

"As tall as he is, if he continues to do that I will kick
him out of the country."

Mugabe also said the State Department's top diplomat for
Africa, Jendayi Frazer, behaved like a prostitute for suggesting
that Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change and
its leader Morgan Tsvangirai had won the March 29 elections.

"You saw this little American girl trotting around like a
prostitute celebrating that the MDC had won. A disgraceful act,"
Mugabe said.

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