Morcheeba by Morcheeba

Morcheeba's Godfrey brothers hooked up with French vocalist Manda via MySpace. We met the British trip-hop band for an exclusive interview ahead of their concert in London. (Report: F. Thelma)


It’s been three years since they last played in London. Today though, Morcheeba are back with a world tour and a new album, the sixth from the cult band that came to the fore in the mid-nineties. 'Dive deep' is an enlightened journey inwards, the music of a band reaching maturity and finding its own wisdom.

Paul Godfrey (DJ and lyricist, Morcheeba ): "Dive Deep is really a metaphor for exploring our subconscious and accepting ourselves, you know, and then making a record that is really human as opposed to a record that is deluded or in denial. "


Morcheeba has never compromised with its music, a fact that has become evermore obvious. The new album mixes rock, pop and folk, as well as some of the scratches and hip hop rhythms often used by the group. It is this musical mix that makes Morcheeba impossible to classify, which no doubt suits them just fine.

Ross Godfrey (Guitarist and composer, Morcheeba): "Our music isn’t really constrained to anything. Music in general is a very broad thing. We just make the music that we like really."

Manda (Lead singer ): "Personnally, when I listen to music, I want to feel good, and giving that feeling to others is an amazing thing. So yes I totally agree with their vision."


And listening to Morcheeba did make us feel good, extremely good. So, a piece of advice, if Morcheeba are playing in your area, don't miss the chance go along, move your feet to the rhythm and lose your head in the stars.


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