'Indescribable joy' for Betancourt's son

"It is an immense joy, an indescribable joy," said Lorenzo Delloye, the son of French-Colombian hostage Ingrid Betancourt, on hearing of his mother's rescue after six years of captivity in the hands of FARC rebels.


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The son of Colombian-French hostage Ingrid Betancourt, Lorenzo Delloye, on Wednesday told AFP that the rescue of his mother from FARC rebels by Colombian forces was "an indescribable joy."

"It is an immense joy, an indescribable joy, I still cannot believe it," said Delloye.

Betancourt's freedom, after being held for six years by FARC rebels, was announced by Colombia's defence minister and confirmed by the French president's office.

"I am waiting to talk to my mother by phone," he said. "I want to tell her that I love her and that she has been missed."

He added that he would probably travel to Bogota very soon.

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