Arms smugglers and US spies at the Iranian border

Lucas Menget reports from the banks of the Shatt al-Arab river, where both arms smugglers and American special forces cross between Iraq and Iran, in one of the most strategic regions in the world.


The Shatt al-Arab is formed by the confluence of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers and marks the border between Iraq and Iran. The Kuwaiti border, too, is just a few miles away.

The area has been inaccessible for three years as coalition troops were fighting insurgents.

"In the past three years, smugglers gave a lot of weapons to Shia militias in Basra", FRANCE 24's Lucas Menget said.

Referring to a New Yorker magazine report on increasing funding for US covert operations in Iran, he added: "According to the US press, American special forces are crossing this river to enter Iranian territory to check on nuclear facilities and to know where the Iranian soldiers are."

Watch his report to find out more.

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