Brown: 'no safe haven for [Mugabe's] criminal cabal'

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown said in a press conference at the G8 summit that a draft UN resolution on sanctions in Zimbabwe includes an arms embargo. He dismissed Robert Mugabe's presidency as illegitimate.


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A draft UN resolution on sanctions against Zimbabwe proposes an arms embargo, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Wednesday, after a violent election last month that extended President Robert Mugabe's 28-year rule.


Fourteen individuals would face travel and financial sanctions under the draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council, Brown said.


"There should be no safe haven and no hiding place for the criminal cabal that now make up the Mugabe regime," Brown told a media conference at the end of the G8 summit of rich countries in northern Japan.

"The resolution says that the only legitimate election that took place in Zimbabwe was the 29th of March," Brown said, referring to the first round of the presidential election, won by opposition candidate Morgan Tsvangirai.

Brown said that while the resolution was drafted by Britainand the United States "we believe we will gain considerable support for it".


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