Kabul to guard its own

The Afghan army took over the security of Kabul on Thursday, earlier ensured by international NATO forces, as the US-led coalition claimed to have killed dozens of insurgents. Watch the FRANCE 24 reportage by clicking on the image.


The Afghan army Thursday took over extra responsibilities for security in the capital from NATO-led forces, but authorities kept the details under wraps on the largely symbolic move.

The Afghan defence ministry had announced its army would take responsibility for Kabul on August 28 in the first stage of a process that would eventually see international troops relinquish command of the entire country.

But on Thursday both sides would not give details, saying only some documents had been signed between them about a transfer of some authority.

"Some level of responsibility has been passed," said Brigadier General Richard Blanchette, spokesman for NATO's International Security Assistance Force.

"It's a continual process and it is something that will show how much improvement there has been on the Afghan national security forces' side," the Canadian officer told AFP.

The Afghan defence ministry would not comment. A defence ministry official confirmed, on condition of anonymity, that documents had been signed but said details would not be released for "security reasons."

The transition is mostly symbolic and will make little difference on the streets of Kabul, where Afghan police and soldiers already have a strong presence.

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