Angola's incumbent party expects victory

Angola's incumbent MPLA party faces off against the opposition UNITA in Friday's election, the first in 16 years. FRANCE 24's Alex Duval Smith and Stefan Carstens report on their premature victory celebrations.


Angola is gearing up for its first election in 16 years. A total 17 million people have registered to vote. The last attempt to hold an election was aborted in 1992. 


Reporting from the ground, FRANCE 24's Alex Duval Smith and Stefan Carstenswitnessed what one might call an early celebration – youth supporting the ruling MPLA party warm up for their victory lap.


Yet, MPLA backers have good reason for optimism, say our reporters. Under the party's leadership, Angola has risen spectacularly from the ruins of a civil war that ended just six years ago.


Click on the photo above to watch the report by FRANCE 24's Alex Duval Smith and Stefan Carstens.

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