Pope preaches on love and faith in Lourdes

Pope Benedict XVI gave a speech on Sunday about love and faith before tens of thousands of devotees in Lourdes, Europe's most famous Christian pilgrimage site. This year is the 150th anniversary of the miracle that supposedly happened there.


Click on the video above to watch the report by FRANCE 24’s Hélène Frade in Lourdes.

On the second day of his visit to France, Pope Benedict XVI went to the town of Lourdes to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Virgin Mary’s apparition to Bernadette Soubirou.

Some 60,000 followers from France and elsewhere attended the procession celebrated by the Pope, whose message to his devotees was that love was the basis of faith.

Even if the charisma of Pope Jean Paul II was remembered, the majority of Catholics present adopted Pope Benedict XVI as their spiritual leader.

“We love him. He’s the pope, just like we loved Jean-Paul II,” a Catholic devotee from Cameroon told FRANCE 24.

200,000 visitors were expected to come to Lourdes over the course of the Pope’s pilgrimage there.

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