USA - VOTE 2008

Hollywood celebrities talk politics

The US election is also bringing out the Hollywood stars. In interviews with FRANCE 24’s Elizabeth Tchoungui, actor Samuel L. Jackson and US director James Toback give their points of view on the Obama - McCain duel.



Sexism and Racisim


Actor Samuel L. Jackson, who was at the 34th Deauville American Film Festival to promote "Lakeview Terrace", told FRANCE 24 that  "the most outstanding part of this US election is one, that  an African-American candidate is running for President and, two, there is a woman running on a Republican ticket.”





Palin an “artificially-constructed candidate”


Talking about the all-new phenomenon in US politics, American writer-director James Toback told FRANCE 24 during an interview in Deauville thathe found Sarah Palin’s nomination for the post of vice-president “completely absurd”, calling Palin an “artificially-constructed candidate”.  Toback says it would be “interesting to see how hideously stupid the American public is” and he wonders if they are “actually capable of saying this woman should be a heartbeat away from the presidency.”






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