French postal workers strike against privatisation

French postal unions called for a strike to protest the decision to privatise the state-run company, demanding a public debate on the subject. More than half of the French population opposes the privatisation.


Five French workers unions are calling for a national strike Tuesday to protest the looming privatisation of La Poste, the state postal-services company, which employs 300,000 people.


According to the planned reform, La Poste would become an incorporated company as of January 2010.


La Poste did not confirm whether the mail distribution or post offices’ activity would be affected by the strike.


Less than one postal worker in five went on strike during the last protest movements, a level that unions are hoping to take higher this time. “25% or 30% would be good,” said a union leader quoted by AFP.


The government met with unions, consumer groups and local politicians earlier this month. The Sarkozy administration went on to create a commission on the future of La Poste with just political and union leaders.

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