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Your views on Sarah Palin

We receive numerous reactions about John McCain's decision to pick Sarah Palin as running mate in the race to the White House. Here is a selection of some of the more telling.


Sherryl, USA : 'The best thing to come'


'Sarah Palin is the best thing to come along for America in a lot of years. As far as I'm concerned, she should run for President.'



Anonymous webuser, PDX: 'Democrats see her as a cartoon'


'The reason so many Democrats instantaneously hate Palin is because they see her as a cartoon rather than a thinking person. For example, they mock her stance on polar bears without having a clue about the issue. The polar bear is NOT endangered; if/when it IS endangered, fine! Put it on the list!'



Anonymous, from Washington USA : 'It's all cosmetic'


'Dont worry about this VP choice - its all cosmetic. McCain will be stepping down within the next 4 weeks citing 'health reasons' - Then the real Republican candidate (as chosen by the party establishment) will be revealed. Remember, you read it at France24 first.'



Anonymous, from France:'I have a sneaky feeling'


"I have a sneaky feeling that she is more capable than the other three runners"



Joanne Robrahn from Palm Coast, FL, USA: 'Highly unqualified for the position'


'This was a patronizing and poorly thought-out choice for Vice President. Obviously, McCain and his Republican cohorts thought by simply choosing a female, he would attract female voters. Unfortunately, the female he chose is highly unqualified for the position, insanely conservative, and falls ridiculously far of the Religious Right for this woman's vote.'



Anonymous, from San Francisco, USA: 'They (McCain and Palin) can really make a positive change, not only for Americans'

'John McCain was right in picking Sara Palin for his running mate. Together they can really make a positive change, not only for Americans, but for the entire world commuity.'



Anonymous, from PA, USA: 'I have lost all of my respect for John McCain'


'As a self-defined "moderate republican" I thought that I would vote McCain. I used to have a lot of respect for McCain, I think that he has a pretty good record and that he has done a lot, especially in bipartisan politics. Once I researched Sarah Palin, though, I have lost all of my respect for him. I can't believe that he would so blatantly pander to the conservative right for votes! She doesn't even agree with McCain on several issues (ie, drilling in Alaska)



Guru Singh from UK: 'You cannot get a more extremist right winger'


'You cannot get a more extremist right winger if you went looking for one! This must be good news for Obama!'



Alex Cadier from Paris, France:''McCain's choice of VP had nothing to do with her being qualified or not.


'Senator McCain's choice has been labelled with many terms: Gutsy, Smart, The right choice and many more, the only problem is that it is too much of a stunt. By stunt I mean, yes, gutsy but can't it be considered a blunt move? The choice of VP in this campaign looked more like a commercial for some sort of new shampoo. In all the talks about how important this campaign really is we forgot that there are voters behind all this and that McCain's choice of VP had nothing to do with her being qualified or not.'


Anonymous: 'The only thing that bothers me a little is her pronunciation of Iraq'

'The only thing that bothers me a little is her pronunciation of Iraq. She pronounces it [Ai-rak]. I always thought it was [E-rak] and not [Ai-rak].'

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