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Obama-McCain debate: your reactions

Reactions from Web users have been raining in following the first televised debate between Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and Republican rival John McCain. Here is a selection of some of your posts.




'The Obama team needs to study public reaction '

By Ngum Ngafor,  Manchester, UK

'If aggression and simplistic one-liners are what voters want, then McCain won the debate. He clearly dominated the affair, emerging stronger on national security and foreign policy and consistently drawing on his experience. His constant reference to Obama's naivete was somewhat patronising - even irritating. However the young contender was no pushover. He did make some very valid points on restoring America's standing in the world. I also think his answer on spending cuts was realistic and even sincere. How that will go down with the electorate is another thing. The Obama team needs to study public reaction to the debate and take it from there.'

'McCain did not homerun'

By Joe, Pendleton, USA

'Mc Cain was coherent but did not homerun'


'USA needs a leader, not a Pleaser'

By Jordan Stefanov, USA

'I agree with Senator McCain' (said Mr Obama once). 'I agree with Senator McCain' (said Mr Obama twice). 'I agree with Senator McCain' (said Mr. Obama three times). Mr Obama, If you agree with the senator McCain on any single question you've been asked, then BOOT OUT! Don't waste my time! This country is in a terrible need of a leader, not a pleaser! On any debate with your opponent, you're supposed to be the PITBULL without lipstick.'


'The American people should understand that they are lucky to have Obama'

By Oumar Kane Nouakchott, Mauritania

'It is great that such debate happened even if we all know that McCain tried to avoid it... (...) The Iraq war that killed many American innocents. Can McCain provide a credible video where the American soldiers in Iraq say that 'they want to stay there and win the war' ? I don't think so. Those boys want to be back home. They don't want to stay over there anymore.
What is important now is how to solve such mistakes caused by Bush and how to salvage the American economy, as Obama said. The American people should understand that they are lucky to have Obama, who will not only rescue the American economy but who will also save the American nation from people like G.B & J. M.'


'McCain closely tainted with the policies of President George W. Bush'

By Errol Baptiste United Kingdom, London

'Basically Barack Obama wasted no time in going on the attack by nailing John McCain and putting the Republican presidential candidate on the backfoot. McCain's record is closely tainted with the policies of President George W. Bush during the 8 years of Republican rule both in the White House and Senate.'


'McCain is dead wrong about A LOT and Obama didn't challenge him enough at baseline'

By Anonyme USA

'Both parties did an EXCELLENT job at the political ping pong. Both parties did a horrible job at addressing the facts. McCain is dead wrong about A LOT and Obama didn't challenge him enough at baseline. In terms of the economy, you reap what you sow. So the current government should pay for that since they are the ones that got us into this mess with lies. About IRAN. Ahmadinejad does not call the shots, and McCain offended my intelligence with that one for sure. Like, Russia's Dmitry Medvedev, Ahmadinejad is only a mouth piece. Last night, NO ONE discussed why Iran does not like us. If US citizens actually knew the truth about the history of our policies with them and other countries there would be a whole new ball of wax. Our country continues to be divided. Most of us are innovative forward thinkers, the rest are just asleep. Basically, if either side came clean last night about what we did to Iran in the 80s, we could start to have better relations with Iran. The red and blue need to come together for sure and have one goal and perhaps one party. The biggest threat to our national security, and one that directly affects foreign policy, is Climate Change, but for some reason Climate Change is a liberal (blue) issue in this country. How insane is that? I think that our Foreign Policy & Global Climate Change are a tongue and cheek HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE. I really wish that Obama would use that perspective. McCain will just keep us dependent on oil.'


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