UN raises awareness about world poverty

For World Poverty Day on Friday, the UN has urged world leaders to stick to the Millenium promise made in 2000 to bring an end to poverty, as the number of those in need rose by a further 67 million people over the past year.


Over the past year, 75 million more people have slipped into poverty . High food and energy prices have been blamed for this alarming figure.

8 years ago the United Nations launched their Millenium campaign, whose purpose was to reduce extreme poverty by 50% by 2015 and dramatically lower child mortality rates. Now there are fears that the growing financial crisis will cause donor countries to re-assess their priorities.

But it is not all bad news - Infant mortality has dropped, more and more children have access to schooling and there has been progress in the fight against  AIDS.

THe UN partnership with NGOs will press the West to maintain their commitments in the developing world despite the current financial climate.

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