French police call for cameras to film operations

In the wake of an inquest into video footage showing French police hitting a young man, some policemen want to film their operations to show the difficulties they face in poor suburbs.


Read the contribution of a French police officer on FRANCE 24's Observers.

On October 14, a police patrol was called for back-up after their colleagues had rocks thrown at them in Montfermeil, a suburb north of Paris.


Footage filmed by an onlooker suggest the police used unnecessary violence when they arrested 20-year-old Abdoulaye Fofana. Two policemen are now under investigation for the attack.


After the footage showing the attack was posted on the Internet, more and more policemen are now in favour of filming the hostility they face on a daily basis.


"State workers want embedded camera and microphones systems, so that people will become conscious of what we face everyday, constant insults, stoning,” said Yannick Landurain, a police union member. “Then I think people will better understand the little mistakes that some of my colleagues might have made,” he said.


This technology is widely used in the United States by the police - but there is a heated debate here over whether or not such methods should be embraced in France.

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