Could an independent candidate be elected?

Independent candidate Ralph Nader played a decisive role in the 2000 US election. Nader is also running this year, but can he seriously contemplate entering the White House in 2009?


Steven Ekovich is professor at the American University of Paris. His publications include :

"GCC, an emerging power in the Persian Gulf?" (with A.S. Fatemi and J. Assadi). 

"Iran and the New Threats in the Persian Gulf and Middle East since 9/11". NATO and the European Union, ed. Hall Gardner (Ashgate, 2004).

"Welfare and Personal Responsibility: The View from America". Strategic Prospective, No. 19-20, September-December 2004.

"Iran and New Threats in the Persian Gulf and Middle East". Orbis, Volume 48, No. 1, Winter 2004.

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