Prime minister unveils economic stimulus plan

Prime Minister Taro Aso has introduced a second plan to revive Japan's troubled economy and has put off calling for snap elections, saying he would like to give the new policies time to work.


Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso signalled Thursday he did not intend to call elections immediately, saying he would like the public to have time to see the impact of his policies.

Aso on Thursday unveiled a second stimulus package aimed at reviving Asia's largest economy, which is teetering on recession. Media reports this week said Aso had decided to put off a snap election for now.

Asked about snap elections, he said: "I will decide in due time."

"The timing of the dissolution is linked to whether the extra budget will pass through the parliament or not," Aso said.

"I would like to ask for people's approval after seeing achievements of my policies," he said.

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party, which has been in power for all but 10 months since 1955, is struggling in opinion polls due to the economic slowdown and a slew of recent scandals.

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