USA - VOTE 2008

What the world expects from Washington

From Kabul to Havana, leaders and citizens have been awaiting the results of the US presidential election. Each region of the world hopes to benefit from the change in the White House.


Even if Cubans do not vote in the US election,  they still know who they want to win the US presidential election. Even Fidel Castro is behind Barack Obama. Cuba’s former president has twice put pen to paper to write to the Democratic candidate, expressing his support.


Report by Guillaume Decamma and Jose Goitia in Cuba


Despite the influence it draws from its energy reserves, Russia feels threatened by NATO enlargement and seeks to regain its status in front of the US. Since last summer's war in Georgia, hawks have been calling the shots in Moscow. They are the ones the new president will have to deal with.


Report by Romain Goguelin in Russia


In Afghanistan, coalition troops know their future will be decided in the oval office. In the country, anger at the US presence has turned to all westerners: kidnappings have multiplied in recent weeks.


Report by Claire Billet and Nicolas Germain in Afghanistan


Rivals in many areas, China and the US find themselves working closer and closer together on issues ranging from regional security to the economy. The new administration coming into power will have to consult even more with Beijing.


Report by Sébastien Le Belzic, Henry Morton, Grace Li, Jack Guan in China

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