Fleet speeding up off Brazil coast

Loïck Peyron (Gitana Eighty) is still leading the pack's southward charge off Salvador de Bahia on Brazil's coast. As skippers head towards the St Helena high pressure system, lighter winds threaten to shake up the standings in coming days.


There's been little change in the Vendée Globe's standings as the leaders enjoyed fast trade winds along the Brasilian coast, some 600 miles to the east of Salvador de Bahia.

The winds backed off this morning enabling the leaders to ease sheets and reach speeds of up to 17-18 knots. Loick Peyron’s lead has been trimmed overnight. The Gitana Eighty sailor is now 21.8 miles ahead of Seb Josse (BT), down from 29 miles last night.


But with the St Helena high pressure system still blocking the straightest route, there is room for more significant gains and losses in days to come. Indeed, the system's eastward shift could trigger benefits for the chasing pack.

Lying in tenth position on Friday evening, Mike Golding, the British solo skipper, has made steady gains over the weekend, climbing into sixth place in this morning’s Vendée Globe rankings. The Briton is seemingly poised to have a go at the all-French front group that has held the lead for the past five days. 


Jean-Baptiste Dejeanty (Maisonneuve). No comment.

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