Second militant raid targets NATO supplies

Militants torched almost 100 vehicles supplying NATO forces in Afghanistan in the second raid in two days, police sources said. A similar raid on Sunday was the biggest such attack to date and destroyed nearly 200 vehicles.


AFP - Armed militants torched nearly 100 vehicles destined for NATO forces in Afghanistan early Monday, the second such raid in two days, police said.

The latest attack on a container terminal near the northwest Pakistani city of Peshawar came a day after Taliban militants launched the biggest such raid to date, destroying nearly 200 vehicles in the area.

This time the attackers set nearly 100 vehicles alight including jeeps and 20 supply trucks after dousing them with petrol, police said.

Firefighters called to the scene managed to save another 40.

"It was almost the same type of attack as the one conducted by 200 armed militants" the previous night, police official Anwar Zeb told AFP.

"The militants fled from the scene when police arrived," he added.

A security guard said around 200 armed men had attacked the terminal in the early hours before fleeing.

Such attacks occur frequently in Pakistan, but police described the first raid, in the early hours of Sunday, as the biggest of its kind so far.

In that incident, the attackers overwhelmed security guards -- killing one -- in a coordinated raid targeting three different locations in Peshawar.

NATO has some 50,000 troops in Afghanistan and much of their supplies come through Pakistan.

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