Supplies to NATO cut off during Khyber Pass offensive

Pakistan has temporarily suspended efforts to transport supplies to NATO and US troops based in Afghanistan while it hunts down insurgents through the border region of the Khyber Pass.


AFP - Pakistan on Tuesday cut off supplies to NATO and US forces in Afghanistan via the Khyber Pass as security forces launched a major operation against militants there, an official said.

The operation involving artillery, tanks and helicopter gunships was launched before dawn in the lawless Khyber tribal region on the Afghan border, the area's administrator Tariq Hayat told reporters in Peshawar.

"We have launched an operation against militants and armed groups in Jamrud," the gateway to the Khyber pass, Hayat said.

The main highway linking Peshawar to the border town of Torkham has been shut down until the operation is complete, he said, adding: "Supplies to NATO forces have temporarily been suspended."

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