DAKAR 2009

STAGE 2: 'We're at the same level as the Volkswagens'

Stéphane Peterhansel, Mitsubishi’s defending champion, clocked the fastest second time of the second stage behind Spanish rival Carlos Sainz (Volkswagen). Yet, the result fulfills the team’s boss expectations.


Dominique Serieys, 47, is Mitsubishi Motors' general director. He won the Dakar in 1993 as rally champion Bruno Saby’s co-pilot.

Waiting for a stage victory. “We could have won today…(Stéphane Peterhansel finished second in the stage). Anyway, the first part of the race isn’t really strategic. There’s much more to lose than to gain. We feel no pressure. We are sticking to the strategy that helped us win over the last years.”

Satisfaction. “We are very happy about the new model, the Racing Lancer. So far, we are at the same level as the Volkswagens. If they claim the final win in Buenos Aires, we will be fair play and recognise their superiority. But they have been using diesel engines for five years and it’s our first time with diesel. Anyway, the finish line is still far.”

Feel the heat. “We send you some sun…It’s 38°C here, and we’ve heard you're far from that in Paris.”

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